Estimate Your Custom Back-end Development Cost in 2021

2020 showed the peak of development trends, and 2021 is not going to be any less. Last year proved to be revolutionary, new technologies have helped businesses all around the globe to achieve new heights of success.

If you own an established business or a start-up, then having a way to reach your potential customers is a must. With an online presence and connection, you can dominate your business domain. A strong backend is required to turn the tide of the market to your side, and the best option to make your web application competitive and future-ready is to hire a backend team for your required services.

The cost of Backend development differs, based on multiple factors so you need to understand all things can you expect from a backend developer if you decide or even thinking about hiring one. A strong and powerful backend is required to drive a high-performance delivering application. Hire a Back-end Developer to build an application with an architecture database, amazing code, quick responding APIs as well as middleware.

The cost of backend development completely depends on the scope of your project. It is absolutely recommended to not cut any corners if you want to avoid poor performance and constant fixing. Hire a Back-end Developer to create a secure database that uses dynamically stored data, either on a cloud or on-site, or even both.

The cost to hire back-end developers may vary as per your requirements as well. If you want to hire backend builders only to fix a few bugs then all can be sorted out within $50. Whereas for new development it’s always better to hire on an hourly basis, so you only pay for the hours that they give efforts.

Hiring on an hourly basis also has its own criteria: Based on development language and technologies price may vary for hiring backend developers. Their experience and expertise also play a vital role in the hiring cost.

  • $12 – $14 – This is the base cost or the minimum Cost of Backend Web Development, developers in this tier are less experienced from 1 to 3 years of experience. Have less exposure to the trends and technological fronts. You can consider hiring a back-end development company if your development budget is less and you have a small web application in mind.
  • $15-$17 – More than 3 years of experience over backend development comes under this category. They are pretty much aware and provide an extensive amount of perfection over their work in development. With their experience, they can easily develop and manage complicated mid-level applications single handily.
  • $18 -$20 – They are extensively experienced and have been working for almost a decade in back-end development. They are comfortable working and creating complex enterprise-level web applications with cloud database management. With a fluid flow of communication, they can develop any feature and functionality within the required time. Their experience lets them develop bug-free codes.

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