How Much Does It Cost to Hire Full Stack JavaScript Developer in 2021?

Let’s have a look at what exactly is a Full Stack JavaScript Developer?

He or she is a developer familiar and comfortable in working within back-end and exceptionally good in working with front-end technologies. JavaScript has gone main stream in the past year. According to the recent survey by Stack overflow, there were 38% of full stack JavaScript development jobs available in 2018. With such precise statistics, it’s safe to presume that the tech industry isn’t only growing but the demand and cost to hire full stack JavaScript developer are also going to rise.


As you are searching for full stack JavaScript developers, you will see that many there are many talented and professional developers are available. Now, the question that remains on hand is how to hire full stack JavaScript developer, who has an in-depth understanding of the latest front-end technologies and specialization in working equally in back-end and front-end to fulfil your project’s requirement.

You need to make sure that your hired developers or Full Stack Development Company must have expertise in various technology stack especially when it comes to front-end JavaScript development, as the choice of tools depends upon various criteria like project’s complexity, requirements, safety, flexibility, budget, and other factors.

Below is given the list of technology in which we have gained expertise in.

  • Front End – JavaScript, Angular.js, React JS, HTML5
  • Back End – Node.js, PHP, .NET, Magento, WordPress
  • Databases MongoDB, MySQL, MS SQL Server, Redis, Hadoop
  • Designing – HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery
  • Server Tools – Apache, IIS, Nginx, AWS

With new front end technologies dropping in as quickly as they are, experienced full stack JavaScript developers are grasping and using them at the same speed. You might be surprised as to what a full stack JavaScript developer is capable of achieving with new technologies and tools on hand.

Cost to hire JavaScript development company can be much lower than the cost to hire full stack JavaScript developer individual at the end. Although, the cost totally depends on the complexity and scope of the project.

With us the hiring rate of individual full stack JavaScript developer can be as less as $15 an hour, however, with the rise in experience it may reach up to $25, that is for 6+ years of experience solely in full stack JavaScript development.

HireFullStackDeveloperIndia is a known firm that outsources full stack JavaScript resources. With our experience in developing amazing front-end, we even take complete project for developing and provide complete support until it becomes successful.